Demonstrating at The Wildlife Art Society International Exhibition 2017

This year I agreed to demo at the 25th Celebratory TWASI Exhibition at Nature In Art, Twigworth, Gloucestershire.  It took quite a bit of organising, but I arrived around 9.30 and ready to set up. I had a table with 3 screens behind where I could display my prints and the details of my win in the International Artist Magazine June/July 2017.  It was quite difficult to get the prongs in straight to support the prints.

I had chosen to work on the cheetah cub and had already got the outline onto the PastelMat. Progress was quite slow as we had a lot of visitors all interested in my paintings and wanting to talk about my process and asking why I wasn’t covered in pastel. So a very useful day.

Along with Tracey-Anne Sitch and Mandi Baykaa-Murray my fellow demonstrators, we were entertained by the handlers from Secret World Rescue – TWASI’s Charity this year – walking around the exhibition with a Barn Owl, a Tawny Owl and an Eagle Owl.