A Cat With Spotted Silk Clothing

I can’t help but reiterate our ABUN founder’s words “It’s always a wonderful feeling to see our ABUN Artwork used by our biologists/organizational partners…even more than a year since the project has closed.It’s

Our partner, Mtsog Irbis, Munkhtsog Bariushaa (Dr. Bariushaa Munkhtsog), President of the Irbis Mongolian Center, has written a book about Snow Leopards (ABUN #21) for children !! 😀 “A Cat with Spotted Silk Clothing”

It was requested by the administration of ‘Great Gobi Strictly Protected Areas of Mongolia’ and published with the funds from UNDP Mongolia in Mongolia.

Dr. Munkhtsog hopes to publish future books that will also include our Artwork from ABUN #21 – Snow Leopards & Pallas’s Cats 💜

I submitted my painting of the Snow Leopard to help raise awareness and funds for Snow Leopards so I was blown away when I received an email to say that my painting had been included in this children’s book.