ABUN Animals in Sumatra

ABUN – Artists & biologists Unite for Nature – helping to promote public awareness of the plight of these much endangered species through art. It has been a very busy year painting endangered species for the various projects. These are the ones I have taken part in so far this year

Animals in Sumatra

I also collaborated with Marion Schön to paint the Animals in Sumatra for a Project being promoted by Lucie Čižmářová and František Příbrský.  Lucie is producing a brochure to be distributed to the farmers and villagers of Sumatra to bring awareness of the plight of these endangered animals and to help them live peaceably alongside them.  The animals I painted were the Southern Pig Tailed Macaque, The Thomas Leaf Monkey and the Asian Blue Quail. All were painting using Unison Soft pastels and pastel pencils on white Pastelmat.