ABUN Project 20

Blue Eyed Ground Dove Columbina cyanopis, one of the rarest birds in the world

Until recently records were collected from only three locations suggesting that the total population is extremely small and severely fragmented (BirdLife). A continuing decline is inevitable given the rapid rates of habitat loss in the region. These factors qualify the species as Critically Endangered (BirdLife). The species were rediscovered in 2015 far from its historical records and 75 years after the last documented registry. Only eight individuals were known until that date. After a survey accessing its current population in 2015, only 12 individuals were found.

This is my Work In Progress painting in Pastel Pencil on light grey PastelMat and is approximately A4

Photo Reference Bruno Renno – it really is a lovely composition thank you.

The ornithologist Rafael Bessa rediscovered the species and notified SAVE Brazil, the BirdLife International partner in Brazil. SAVE Brazil started a project in 2016 to study the species and promote its conservation through research, habitat protection, community engagement and partnership with State Environmental agencies in order to create protected areas for the species.