ABUN Project 7 New Species of Poison Dart Frog

ABUN – Artists & biologists Unite for Nature – helping to promote public awareness of the plight of these much endangered species through art. It has been a very busy year painting endangered species for the various projects. These are the ones I have taken part in so far this year.

Project 7 New Species of Poison Dart Frog.

Having completed the painting for this project and the banner was created last year, we have since been approached by Carlos Arevalo the Education Coordinator of the Crees Foundation, the non-profit organization that works in the Manu Biosphere Reserve where our biologist partner Jennifer discovered the frog, to provide them with images of our paintings for them to use in educating people about Poison Dart Frogs.  This is my image painted in pastel pencil on sand Pastelmat.