Blue-Eyed Ground Dove (Columbina cyanopis)

Our upcoming Project, ABUN #20 is in partnership with SAVE Brasil/Brazilian affiliate of BirdLife International and is the critically endangered Blue-eyed Ground Dove/Rolinha-do-planalto (Columbina cyanopis). An absolutely gorgeous species and a perfect way for ABUN to support the “Year of the Bird” with another Project.  All the paintings will be made into a banner and given to Save Brasil to help bring public awareness to the plight of the critically endangered bird..

My Painting of the Blue-eyed Ground Dove (Columbina cyanopis)

The intense cobalt blue of this species’ eyes and the iridescent cobalt blue spots on the wings are a signature and spectacular feature of this bird.

Finally completed my painting of the Blue Eyed Ground Dove. It is in Pastel Pencil on light grey PastelMat.  The image is approximately A4.  

With grateful thanks to  Bruno Renno for his wonderful photo reference..

About the Save Brasil Project

The Blue-eyed Ground Dove (Columbina cyanopis)

This dove was rediscovered in 2015, only 8 (EIGHT) individuals were known before that date. SAVE Brasil started their Project for the study and conservation of the dove and they acquired a 593-hectare reserve to protect the species habitat in the state of Minas Gerais with support from Rainforest Trust.The Blue-eyed Ground-dove Nature Reserve was launched in January 2018. The total known population up-to-date is 15 to 20 individuals. Five nests were recorded and the first eggs were found last week (MAY 2018). The project has the support of Fundação Grupo Boticário and the CEPF.

For more information on the progress of this amazing project please visit #