Native British Wildlife

A Digital Exibition Catalogue of the work of Judith MacKay

Painting Native British Wildlife

Thank you for taking time to visit my online British Wildlife Exhibition.

My main inspiration for painting British Wildlife comes from growing up in the West Country surrounded by woodland and beautiful scenery. Finding wild rabbits, foxes, barn owls and fish in the streams, watching buzzards flying over head and the wild ponies in the fields, as well as the the flora and fauna.

I also grew up with the stories of Beatrix Potter and Alison Utley’s Little Grey Rabbit and my all time favourite The Children of Cherrytree Farm by Enid Blyton which is not so much about life on a farm as about the wonders of the British countryside. During the course of the book the four children observe the natural world and learn all kinds of things about British wildlife — how a squirrel makes its drey; that the hare leaps sideways to break its scent when being pursued by a fox; the distinguishing features of different snakes; why frogs may be seen travelling en masse; and many other things 

Watching and listening to Wildlife Conservationists like Simon King and Chris Packham who are both passionate about the wildlife of the UK.