Endangered Species

Judith MacKay Helping Conservation Efforts

Endangered Species Groups, Charities and Organisations

Below you will find details of the various groups and organisations that I have contributed and assisted with my artwork with over the last few years.

This fabulous group began life as a 52-week Nature Painting Challenege, founded by Kitty Harvill and her husband Christoph Hrdina. The group has transitioned in to Artists and Biologists Unite for Nature (ABUN) which has a more specific mandate of focusing on projects that help and support conservation of endangered species and their respective natural habitats.

Judith’s Pangolin was used in a recent campaign to help raise awareness of this seriously endangered species. 
Find out more about ABUN have a look at the ABUN page.

The David Shepard Wildlife Foundation is a small, highly effective wildlife conservation charity funding key conservation projects across Africa and Asia. Their mission is to increase awareness to people around the world about the need to protect and conserve wild animals and their habitats. They fund conservation projects across Africa and Asia that fight wildlife crime, protect natural areas and engage local communities in finding long-term, sustainable solutions to protect their native wildlife. They also campaign for stronger laws and protectionist policies for wildlife and fund investigations to expose the illegal trade in endangered species.
In 2016 Judith’s Sumatran Tiger was a finalist in the “Vanishing Fast” catagory of the David Shepard Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition. The exhibition was held at the Mall Gallery in London.

The Royal Geographic Society - Explorers Against Extinction - Sketch for Survival

This is a fabulous event run by the Royal Geographic Society of the UK. The aim of the exhibition is to raise vital awareness about the threat of extinction to some of Africa’s most iconic species. Artists have been invited to donate sketches and artwork that will be sold via an online Silent Auction. Money raised by the Royal Society will be donated to projects including, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Animals saving Animals, Rhino Conservation Botswana (RCB), Il Pejeta Conservancy Kenya, and The Real Africa Trust.

Judith has donated three of her sketches to the organisation. Please follow the news section of the website for more information.

The Scottish wildcat is going extinct. They are an irreplaceable feature of our natural and cultural heritage, and our only surviving native feline. They have survived centuries of intense deforestation and persecution. However, the Scottish Wildcats are losing their battle to hybridisation: cross-mating with feral domestic cats, which outnumber wildcats by 1000:1 across the Highlands. The Wildcat Haven supports the ongoing conservation projects in place to try and keep this species from going extinct.

Judith is donating 10% of the profits from the sale of this original pastel painting to the Wildcat Haven.

Big Cat Sanctuary

The vision of this Kent (UK) based organisation is to assist with the conservation of the world-s endangered big cats. They achieve this by helping preserve breeding integrity, and where possible, assist in the returning of big cats back to the wild of their native lands.
Judith’s Cheetah was inspired by encounter I had at the Sanctuary with one of their majestic cats.

Snow Leopard Trust

The Snow Leopard Trust works in five key countries that hold 75% of the Snow Leopard population in an effort to secure the future of the snow leopard. To achieve their goal, the trust works with the local communities to encourage and empower the people who live in the cat’s habitat to help and protect their local wildlife and ecosystems.

A donation of 10% of the profit will be made to the Snow Leopard Trust, via the DSWF  upon the sale of Judith’s Snow Leopard Painting in Pastel.

WWF - World Wildlife Foundation


The Clouded Leopard was painted using images kindly shared by WWF and Alain Compost/WWF’Canon. On the sale of this image I will make a donation to the WWF as agreed with them.

In 2015 WWF kindly gave me permission to paint Alain Compost/WWF-Canon’s image of the Clouded Leopard and I agreed I would make a donation to them on the sale of the painting.