Endangered Species

Judith MacKay Helping Conservation Efforts

Painting Endangered Species

I am passionate about wildlife conservation and use my paintings to bring public awareness to the plight of our much endangered wildlife, specifically those on the IUCN Red List and their precious habitats.

As an artist my inspiration comes from the beauty of the animals with whom we share this planet with from the leopard on the African plains to the red kite flying over the fields at the bottom of my garden. Through my artwork I aim to give a voice to the voiceless, and help these magnificent endangered animals connect with an audience who can help make a difference.

My principle technique for connecting the viewer to the endangered animals is through the eyes of these majestic endangered creatures. I believe the eyes helps reveal the animal’s life force, soul and character to the viewer. I get such an enjoyment as I bring these endangered animals to life on my easel, and I find them starting to talk to me. It’s at that moment I know I have captured the very essence of the animal I’ve been painting and have conveyed that elusive quality and sense of being to their audience. With the connection established between viewer and animal, I endeavour to take the viewer on a journey of understanding to appreciate why we need to defend and preserve these animals, allowing the endangered animal to speak to the viewer in the same way it has spoken to me as I paint it.

Judith's Paintings Working for Endangered Species

Over recent years as my awareness for endangered species has grown I have become more active in how I use my artwork. Wherever possible I like to use my skills to bring about both an emotional response and a financial contribution to aid in the protection and conservation of these endangered species and their natural habitats.

I have worked with a number of charities and groups over recent years, with whom I have either donated original artwork, allowed my images of my work to be used for promotional materials, or made contributions to their work from the sale of my artwork.  You can find more about some of these organisations and charities on the groups page of this section.