In Honour of World Lion Day

In Honour of World Lion Day

I thought I would post some of my paintings to celebrate this special day. They are such wonderful animals and I have had the privilege to sit with them on many occasions when on Safari in South Africa, Zambia and Botswana. The interaction within the family group is amazing to witness.  I used my own reference photos of the Punk Pride Lions and was granted permission to use for reference photographs taken by Fiona MacKay Photography.


The first Lion is One of the Punk Pride from South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. This drawing in graphite pencil I donated to Sketch for Survival Silent Auction and was sold 

The group entitled The Guardians is of The White Lions in South Africa  protecting not only their territory but that of the White Rhino. The paintings is in soft Unison Pastel and pastel pencil and is approximately 50×70 cm

The portrait is one of the males of The Punk Pride. A name they were given due to the style of their manes. This A3 painting was created using pen and tinted charcoal and is not for sale.

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