Projeto Harpia / Harpy Eagle Project – Brazil

Exciting things are happening in ABUN – we ARE making a difference 

I have just heard from the founder of ABUN (Artists & Biologists Unite for Nature, that  our Harpy Eagle artwork has been a great success for the Projeto Harpia / Harpy Eagle Project – Brazil !! The exhibition was held in Iguaçu Falls….and our upcoming Project for Jaguars of the Projeto Onças do Iguaçu (following our ABUN #22 – Spix’s Macaw) wants to have an exhibition of our art, too !! The Brazilian government is creating a Dia Nacional da Onça/National Day of the Jaguar on November 29 !!! So, we will be able to jump in and create an artwork for this special new National Brazilian holiday 

This was my entry for this exciting exhibition