Published – Kukang Rescue Programme – January 2018

I have been part of a very unique group on FaceBook called Artists & Biologists Unite for Nature – ABUN creating and donating paintings to a number of projects One of them was for the Kukang Rescue Program

International artist Kitty Harvill who set up the Group and who researches projects for the group to support wrote this review.

“I’m so proud and happy for Marion Schön and Judith MacKay for their participation in this critically important, professional presentation of this brochure teaching farmers how to live peacefully with wild animals, many of them endangered – what an important project – many thanks to you both, Marion & Judith for your efforts.  Beautiful job, Lucie Čižmářová

The Kukang Rescue Program is focused on protection of a protected prosimian species of Greater slow loris (Nycticebus coucang) in Indonesia,especially in the North Sumatra province. Project is also implementer of the ‘I am not your toy !’ campaign which informs about the issue of slow loris’ popular…

Click on the link for details and a pdf version of this amazing brochure The Kukang Rescue Program