Sketch for Survival – Bid to save these beautiful Animals

I am thrilled to present three of my sketches that are being auctioned off for the charity “Explorers Against Extinction“. 

This is a charity that does so much work in helping protect Endangered Species in Africa. Please support them by placing a bit on one of my original pieces of artwork.

You can place your bid on your favourite piece by following the links below:

Southern White Rhino - Lot 55

I have painted several rhinos in the past but felt this image of this magnificent gentle giant that my daughter photographed in Matopas National Park, Zimbabwe of a Southern White Rhino was perfect. It showed him off to perfection as he ambled slowly towards her munching the grass as he went.

Old Timer - Lot 73

I have always loved elephants and get a thrill every time I see one in the wild. Although the image I used was not mine but my daughter’s where she encountered him at Crooks Corner, South Africa. This majestic Old Bull had obviously had an amazing life wandering the plains of Africa with only one beautiful tusk and a paralysed ear.

Punk Pride Lion - Lot 20

The males of the Punk Pride of Lions immediately sprang to mind.  We had spotted the Pride of 19 lions made up of Adults and cubs on an early morning Game Drive in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. The males have a very distinctive mane that looks just like a “punk hairstyle” hence the title of “Punk Pride”. This wonderful Pride of Lions had recently been featured in a television documentary.

My sketch is of one of the Punk Pride males relaxing in the early morning sunshine and is featured on the Banner for the Silent Auction and is Lot number 20.

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  1. chet trivedy

    Dear Madam,

    I am writing to inform you that i was the very lucky individual whose fortune was to win the auction for Lot 20 at the recent explorers against extinction auction which concluded recently. I fell in love instantly from he moment i saw the lion from the punk pride and you have beautifully captured a gaze which so reminds me of my cat when he is totally relaxed. The portrait will hang with great pride in my front room and i would like to thank you so much for this opportunity.

    I myself a big fan of wildlife and i currently work wth providing medical support for the front line anti poaching teams in India and will be travelling across India in the whole of December providing free health checks for rangers and training the on how to deal with medical emergencies.

    I note from your website that you commission for pet portraits and I am considering getting a portrait of my cat “Tulsi” who inspired me to set up the Tulsi Foundation which works with tigers in India. I also have a picture of the first tiger i ever saw in the wild and was wondering if you would consider painting her as a commissioned portrait.

    Once again thank yo so much for the punk pride lion


    Yours sincerely

    Dr Chetan Trivedy BDS FDS RCS (Eng) MBBS PhD FRCEM
    Consultant in Emergency Medicine
    Hon Associate professor Warwick Medical School
    Chief Medical Advisor Wildlife Conservation Trust of India
    Crowd Doctor Kia Oval
    Founder Tulsi Foundation
    Founder Boundaries For Life
    Trustee Oral Health Foundation

    Tel 07540853709

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