Southern Giraffe of South Africa

The Southern Giraffe is one of the featured species for the ABUN (Artists & Biologists Unite For Nature) Project 14 in support of The Giraffe Conservation Fund.  Sadly giraffes are another species in decline across Africa and the GCF, run by Julian Fennesy, are doing a huge amount of work to try and increase their numbers. They have recently undertaken the task of moving small numbers of giraffe from one part of the reserve to another with the use of trucks and boats. You can find out more about their endeavours by visiting their website They also have a Facebook page.  Each species of Giraffe have different shape patterns and colour and just to complicate things each giraffe has a different patch pattern enabling us to identify each animal.

This is a Southern Giraffe in flight across the plains of  South Africa.  Created in pen and tinted charcoal on 220gsm white cartridge paper. Photo reference Fiona MacKay.