The David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of The Year 2017

The David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of The Year 2017 Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London 27th June

Quite by chance I met Amanda and Barry Butler who are Ambassadors for The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. During our many conversation over the course of the day at Nature In Art  I mentioned that I would like to go to the Private View of the DSWF WAY exhibition but as I was not a finalist I was not invited. Amanda very kindly got in touch with DSWF and arranged for an invitation to be sent to me. I was thrilled

So on 27th May I arrived in the rain at the Gallery. Whilst waiting in the queue I saw a number of artist friends and was able to chat to them once inside including the lovely Claudia Hahn pictured below with her painting of Crowned Cranes which was awarded Highly Commended. 

Although I did not have any of my paintings in this year’s exhibition I have to say I thought the standard was very high, though I really didn’t agree with the selection for the overall winner of the £10K prize. The painting did nothing for me and still doesn’t. 

My evening was made even more special and so extremely enjoyable by meeting my good friends Penny and Nick Day. Nick is an extremely talented wildlife artist and had one of his paintings in the exhibition, one in “the folder” and his donated postcard on the wall. All his paintings were outstanding and he was over the moon that the postcard had sold that night. Quite an achievement. 

David Shepherd, with his daughter Mandy Shepherd and granddaughter Emily Lamb were circulating amongst the guests and the lovely silky voiced Peter Egan announced and presented the awards.

It was a really enjoyable evening.


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  1. Nick Day

    You are a lovely lady Judith & a talented artist to boot with a love for wildlife. It was a real pleasure to spend much of the WAY 2017 private view evening with you, you have a youthful and positive energy – Penny and myself hope to see you next year alongside one of your paintings at WAY 2018.

  2. Judith

    Hello Nick
    How lovely to hear from you and thank you for your lovely comments. I am so looking forward to seeing you and Penny at next year’s WAY Exhibition if not before.
    Lots of things happening just now.
    Will email you. Meanwhile Take care
    Love to you both
    Judith xx

  3. Judith

    Hello Nick
    Hope you and Penny are both well and looking forward to Christmas and the New Year.
    I was wondering if you might be able to suggest from your informal talk with one of the judges last year, some ideas I could take into consideration when submitting work to this year’s DSWF Artist of The Year Exhibition. You can reply to either or as both will reach me – the latter is for my website.
    Looking forward to catching up with you both in the New Year.
    Judith xx

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